Heritage Success for a New 80 Bed Travelodge Hotel Near a Registered Park and Garden and Multiple Listed Buildings

Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Development Description: Erection of a new six storey Travelodge hotel, Starbucks drive-through cafe and a substation
Local Authorities/Councils: East Lindsey District Council

Fuller Long are delighted to have provided strong heritage support that proved to be instrumental in obtaining planning permission and listed building consent for a new 80 bed hotel and drive-thru cafe in Skegness, despite strong opposition from Historic England and other heritage bodies. 

The site is located in a sensitive area adjacent to listed buildings and a registered park and garden. The heritage team at Fuller Long undertook a detailed and robust heritage assessment to justify the scheme, concluding that whilst the six storey hotel would have an impact upon the designated heritage assets, this would amount to less than substantial harm in accordance with the NPPF and relevant case law. In addition, Fuller Long provided a Visual Impact Assessment with Actual Visual Representation (AVR) images to support the application.

Strong opposition to the scheme was received from The Historic Environment Officer, Historic England, Heritage Lincolnshire and The Gardens Trust, who stated that the scheme would incur a high level of harm and substantial harm to the heritage assets and should be refused on this basis. 

In coming to their conclusion, East Lindsey Local Planning Authority quoted extensively from Fuller Long’s Heritage Statement, Visual Impact Statement and rebuttal and agreed that the scheme would amount to ‘less than substantial harm’ which would be offset by the economic benefits of the scheme, thus supporting the proposal on balance. 

If you are seeking heritage assistance for your development we have a team of planning and heritage experts on hand that can handle all aspects of the application to optimise the chances of achieving permission. Please call us on 0808 164 1288 or send details of your project to hello@fullerlong.com.

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Heritage Consultant

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