Permission For A Detached Dwelling Within The Curtilage Of a Listed Building

Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Development Description: New Detached House in a Conservation Area Within The Curtilage of A Listed Building
Local Authorities/Councils: Vale of White Horse

Fuller Long has provided a Heritage Statement and advice supporting a planning application for a new dwelling house to be built within the curtilage of Grade II listed building situated in the Longworth conservation area. The application required listed building consent to demolish a curtilage-listed building dating back to the 19th century to make way for the development. 

The property is nestled in a small village in Oxfordshire which is characterised by an array of beautiful stone buildings built in local limestone, creating the honey-coloured landscape that characterises the Cotswolds. The grade II listed property dates back as far as the 17th century and provides great historical significance within this rural village setting.

The proposed scheme involved the demolition of a building within the curtilage and its redevelopment located between a local pub and located within a conservation area; our team were able to complete an assessment of the site and its significance to the area and presented their findings within a heritage statement in support of the application. A suitable design was proposed, and justification was provided by illustrating that the new dwelling represented an improvement to the heavily altered building. This was achieved by proposing that the new dwelling be constructed using local building materials in a typical vernacular style for the area, which complemented the neighbouring listed building and conservation area and resulted in an improvement.

If you would like help with achieving planning permission for a new build adjacent to a listed property or within a conservation area, we have a team of planning and heritage experts on hand that can handle all aspects of the application to optimise the chances of achieving permission. Contact us on 0808 164 1288 or send an email with your project details to

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