Planning Permission Granted to Increase New Homes From 3-Bedroom to 4-Bedroom Properties.

Hart District Council
Application Type: Non-Material Amendment
Development Description: Amended planning permission to increase from 3-bedroom to 4-bedroom houses
Local Planning Authority: Hart District Council

Fuller Long are delighted to be able to assist a long-standing client with the approval of a number of non-material amendment applications in respect of an existing consent for eight new dwelling houses in Hook with Hart Council, Hampshire. 

Employing a strategy of multiple non-material amendment applications, our team was able to gain permission for changes in fenestration to a number of the properties together with alterations to their internal layout. This presented an opportunity for eight, three-bedroom dwellings, to be increased into four-bedroom dwellings without the need to submit an entirely new planning submission.  The changes enabled the developers to provide additional space for occupiers, thus improving not only the quality of the accommodation but the market value.

Our planning consultant managed to demonstrate that despite the increased internal floor area and consequential alterations to the internal layout, the proposed works were non-material in the context of the existing permission thereby preventing the need for the submission of a new planning application saving the client the time and expense. 

If you are looking to alter, extend or redevelop your home, Fuller Long can assist with planning permission for your development. To speak with one of our experienced team of planning consultants, please call us on 0808 164 1288 or email us at

Source: Twenty 20 Architecture Ltd,