Brand New Rugby Stadium

Location: City of Edinburgh Council

Keith Hargest took the lead on a project to create a brand new rugby stadium with associated retail facilities in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. From the outset, the project had multiple issues which needed to be addressed as the site carried historical importance as the very first venue for Scotland v England in 1879 creating what has is now an international Rugby competition known as the Calcutta Cup. 

Located within not only a local Conservation Area it also was also within a World Heritage site adjacent to Listed buildings. Once the pre-application and design stage was complete the scheme attracted unprecedented public interest with 1400 objections and 1200 support letters being received by Edinborough City Council. 

Our consultant was able to complete a retail impact assessment proving the requirement for the retail aspect. Project managing the scheme through to the final presentation at Committee where it was approved unanimously by the elected members.

We are pleased to be part of the team that has been able to give the Edinburgh AcademicalsIt a new home.   

Meet our team

Keith Hargest

Planning Consultant

Clare Preece

Planning Consultant