Extension to a 19th Century Terrace Property in a Conservation Area

Haringey London Borough Council
Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Development Description: Extension above rear outrigger to create a new bedroom, replacement windows (currently UPVC) with timber sash, replacement concrete roof tile with slate in the existing ground floor extension
Local Authorities/Councils: Haringey London Borough Council

Fuller Long are delighted to have secured planning permission on behalf of our clients for the extension of a 19th century terrace property near Finsbury Park which is situated in the London Borough of Haringey. 

The property in question forms part of a row of 19th century terraced houses within the Stroud Green Conservation Area, all of which are very similar in appearance. Whilst the front of each property remains largely uniform along the terrace, the rear of the properties have undergone many notable changes. This created a precedent indicating that a contemporary design could be acceptable. 

Having undertaken a pre-application with the London Borough of Haringey, our client received negative feedback from the council; citing the uncharacteristic nature of the extension and the changes to the consistency and scale of 2-storey outriggers within the terrace as being the key objections to the proposal. Having undertaken a site visit of the area, as well as an in depth review of the site history, our heritage team were able to advise our client on how best to proceed; providing advice on how to amend the existing design to help alleviate the impact of the proposal on the character and appearance of the conservation area. Working with Paul Griggs of GRIP Design and Architecture, we were able to assist in the creation of a proposal which we believed the council would be far more amenable to. 

Our team then went on to manage and submit the application through to a decision. Having reviewed the proposal, the case officer ultimately determined that the new outrigger extension would result in no harm to the conservation area; being in complete accordance with policies DM1, DM9 and DM12 of the Development Management Plan Document 2017, and policy SP11 of Haringey’s Local Plan Strategic Policies 2017.

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