Planning Permission Granted for Three Luxury Dwellings in Surrey

Surrey Heath Borough Council

Fuller Long are delighted to see that three luxury four-bedroom houses that we managed to gain permission for are now complete and occupied. We obtained planning permission for the development of the site in Bisley, Surrey back in 2015. The clients contacted us following two previously rejected applications by Surrey Heath Borough Council and we were able to work with them to help overturn these reasons for refusal.

Having assessed the previous decision notices and used the information to prepare and submit a new application for our client, we managed to address the Council’s previous concerns. We worked hard to provide a proposal in accordance with the style, massing, character and layout of neighbouring properties. This resulted in the development of very high quality that the Planners and Members were willing to support.

We proved that the proposed buildings’ mass and scale were appropriate to their locale, as every effort was made to ensure that their appearance accorded that of neighbouring buildings and the surrounding pattern of development. The dwellings protect the amenity of their surroundings and represent a sustainable solution to providing efficient, medium-density residential accommodation at an accessible location on a site that was formerly underutilised.

By the time of submission of our application, the Council had adopted the Surrey Heath Borough Core Strategy and Development Management Policies, which considerably changed the planning climate. Through Policy CP1, villages such as Bisley have limited capacity to accommodate development, primarily through the redevelopment of existing sites.

In addition to this, Policy CP3 of the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies states that the borough will make provision for 3240 additional dwellings, meaning that 45 new houses would need to be built in Bisley before 2025. The redevelopment in Bisley presented a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the housing needs of the Borough whilst simultaneously developing an attractive and energy-efficient scheme able to make a contribution to the amenity and activity of the surrounding area.

The development proposed by Fuller Long and accepted by Surrey Heath Borough Council was in accordance with the policies of the National Planning Policy Framework, notably in that it created a high-quality living environment that functions well and will add to the overall quality of the area over the lifetime of the development.

If you would like help with submitting a planning application, Fuller Long can be of assistance. Our consultants are experts in the field and have had considerable success over the years. Email to speak with one of our Consultants today.

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