Archaeological Desk Based Assessment for New Housing Development Comprising 40 Dwellings

Location: East Sussex County Council

Fuller Long are delighted to have provided an Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (ADBA) in support of a scheme for 40 new dwellings in East Sussex.

The site in which the new development is proposed is part of a historic field system and, as such, an ADBA was requested to support the scheme to ensure that the proposals would not cause damage to any buried remains that could be in the area. Our team of expert archaeological consultants compiled an 84 page document fully assessing the area in question and determining the potential for remains to be present. Working alongside our heritage team, who provided an in-depth heritage statement for the scheme, we were able to fully understand the history of the site and subsequently provide an idea of what kinds of finds or features could be present.

Assessments of the available archaeological records, combined with analysis of historical mapping and the results of previous archaeological investigations in the search area, were used to inform our team’s conclusions. These showed that the site had a low-moderate potential for prehistoric and Roman remains and a low potential for Medieval and post-Medieval remains. 

Following our team’s assessment, and subsequent conclusions, we were able to advise that further mitigation measures would be required in order to satisfy the archaeological advisor at the council. Our report also determined that any required mitigation measures could be reasonably addressed as a condition on any future permission. This allowed the scheme to progress to planning more quickly, informed by the conclusions of the report.

It is always important when undertaking a new development that the potential for impacting archaeological remains is assessed. Councils will undoubtedly seek further information if a site has even the slightest chance of impacting buried archaeology which makes it crucial to seek advice and support from the outset of your project to avoid unexpected costs or delays. 

If you are considering a new development opportunity and require archaeological assistance, Fuller Long can help.  To speak with one of our experienced archaeology consultants, please call us on 0808 164 1288 or email us at



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